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Please ensure to read our terms and conditions prior to proceeding with a booking.


Arriving to The Beautyy Hub / Lateness

Please arrive with no makeup around the eye area as this is very crucial because the time spent cleaning the eyes will not only affect your appointment but it also eats into other client’s appointment times.

Please ensure that you attend your appointment alone and those who wish to bring a friend or family member to their appointment must inform me prior to your appointment. Upon arrival please inform me at the time when you are outside, not any earlier or later as I will be busy with a client.

Arriving on time is very important at The Beautyy Hub and anyone late for over 15 mins will result in a cancelled appointment to which your deposit amount will be lost.

Clients must be 18+ or will require parental consent.


Patch Tests & Infills

If you have never had lash extensions prior, you MUST have a patch test done by The Beautyy Hub. If you do not have a patch test completed by us and decide to proceed with an appointment, we will not be liable for any reactions or damage this may cause on your skin as irritation to which you must sign the waver form when booking your online appointment.

For Lash Infills you require a minimum of 40% of your lash extensions to be remaining or you will be charged a full set amount.

Please note I do not infill on other lash technicians work



Deposits & Fees

A deposit of £10 is taken for every appointment, if the appointment adds up to the total of £10 then this must be paid in full to confirm your booking. The remainder of your payment can be given in cash on the day. However please make sure to bring the exact amount as I do not always have change on me.

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE



Cancellations & Rescheduling

Cancellations and rescheduling your appointment must be done 48 hours in advance prior to your appointment. Any later than this and this will result in a loss of your deposit and a new appointment will need to be made with a new £10 deposit.

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