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Strip Lash (Guilty)

Strip Lash (Guilty)

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  • 1. Remove the lashes gently from it’s box 2. Each eye shape and it’s length is unique, therefore to ensure comfort for yourslef trim the outer corner of the strip lashes.

    3.Once your lashes are prepared, apply a thin layer of your desired lash glue, and allow 20-30 seconds for to glue to get tacky before applying it on.

    4. Using the set of lash applicator you’ve received , apply the lashes as close as possible to your lash line.

    5. Keep the lashes on your lash line for a few seconds, enabling the glue to attach.

    6. If desired you can curl or apply mascara onto the lashes gently.

    7. Do a couple winks and eyelash flutters and you’re all set!